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Marketing is one of the most important pieces to the home selling puzzle.  Without quality marketing, it’s impossible that a home will get the exposure it needs to be sold.  It’s important to note that if a home isn’t priced correctly, it will not sell even if every marketing technique is used.

As we’re about a week away from 2017, if you haven’t realized that the internet has changed the real estate industry you need to wake up.  The internet has changed the ways homes are sold.  The internet allows prospective home buyers to view pictures, videos, and information about homes that are for sale.

If you’re selling a home and your home isn’t being exposed everywhere online, you’re being short changed.  Think about it for a moment, if you were shopping for Rochester NY homes for sale, I’m guessing the first place you’re going to go is the internet.  Not magazines, newspapers, or the local real estate office.  You’re not alone, over 90% of home buyers are searching online.

As a seller, it’s vital that your home is able to be found.  Not only on websites like Zillow, Trulia, or the local real estate brokerages website, but it needs to be found in dozens of other places.  The person who has complete control over how easily your home is found online is the listing agent.  There are hundreds of real estate marketing techniques that can be used and it’s important your listing agent is using them!

In this article from Rochester’s Real Estate Blog, you’ll discover what real estate marketing strategies should be used to sell homes.  You’ll learn about websites such as Behance and Storify but also learn why your real estate agent needs to use sites like Twitter and Pinterest to sell your home!

This is a loaded question and there are many thoughts and opinions on it.  Bill Gassett, a top Metrowest Mass Realtor often provides his take on real estate open houses and this fantastic real estate article is no different!  If you have ever looked online regarding open houses you will see there are battle lines drawn between agents who say they are useful to those who say they are worthless.

We also wanted to reach out to Bill to get some of his insight into open houses, since he’s been a top agent for the past thirty years. Here is what Bill had to say:

“Kyle thanks for allowing me the opportunity to address your readers. Lots of sellers ask the question do open houses work? I always answer this question the same way. My response is work for who?

For real estate agents, open houses can be a great prospecting activity, especially for a new agent. This is a great way for an agent to shake hands and meet people. Ideally it can turn into potential business down the road. For sellers, doing an open house is completely unnecessary. We are in the digital age where buyers sit at their computer every day looking at homes they are interested in. When a buyer is actively looking and not just window shopping they will almost always call a real estate agent to schedule a showing.

Of course there are tons of agents who don’t want to admit this because the open house is their ticket to meeting prospects. So what’s the big deal for a seller you might be wondering? Why not just have an open house if an agent is willing to invest their time doing so? Plenty! Open houses, despite what lots of Realtors will tell you are big security risks. Countless homeowners have been ripped off from having anyone with a pulse walk through their doors on a weekend. Secondarily by letting anyone in the door, you get lots of people who are not qualified to pay the asking price. A big waste of time for the seller!

The days of an open house being a necessary marketing activity are long gone. Do you need an open house to sell homes? Absolutely not! Price your home correctly, hire a top real estate agent and you can forget about ever having to worry about doing an open house.”S

While there may be plenty of Realtors out there ready to help you sell your home that does not mean any Realtor will just do. Just as with many other professions Realtors have specialties and niches that they serve. A Realtor who primarily works with home buyers may not be the best option for someone wanting to sell their home. The Realtor who claims to have 100% success rate in selling homes also may not be the best option without looking a bit further past the statistics.

As noted above Realtors may provide statistics stating their houses listed end up being 100% sold. That is good in theory but what is behind the underlying statistic? Have they only sold one house? Do they not count houses that don’t sell because they expire? Look beyond the statistics and learn about what the Realtor will do to sell your home.

Don’t be impressed by letters and designations behind Realtor names unless they are backed up by real education. Often times there are many vendors more than happy to charge Realtors money to give them a couple of day class so they can add a designation after their name. Designations may be fine in that they give a little extra knowledge but the requirement to get those designations is nothing more than pay some fees, attend a few classes and maybe take a test. The real experience for a Realtor comes from them having actually sold homes rather than attend a class that teaches how to sell a home.

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