How to Design Real Estate Landing Pages

When it comes to copywriting for your landing page, you want to briefly clearly outline your value proposition and also demonstrate your authority in real estate. That means perhaps a short paragraph on why they should download your e-book, schedule a comparative market analysis (CMA) call, or whatever else you’re trying to get them to do.

Remember that your potential lead has a very short attention span, so always keep your copy short and to the point. Use short declarative sentences. Complex sentences tire people out quickly. If they get bored, they might leave your page.

If you absolutely must have a ton of copy on your landing page, make sure to break it up with subheadings, icons, images, bullet points, or valuable testimonials. This will make it easy for people to skim the page and only read what they’re most interested in. Remember the goldfish!

When it comes to demonstrating your authority in the market, put a few short sentences below the fold (this refers to the copy that is visible when they first land on your page). Anything they need to scroll down for is considered “below the fold.” You can also include your designations.

Since you have such a short amount of time to grab their attention and get them to convert, you need to pack as much punch into your words as you can. In order to do this effectively, always use statistics and timing words, like “call now,” in your copy.

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